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 First of all, A child has to have fun in Myoko English Outdoor Activities, In the Myoko Togakushi Mountains National Park, Kids will try to break new barriers by various team activity Co-operation, with many aspects of team building in their hands.
We get them away from the classroom and the schoolbook. The goal of the camp is to build cooperativeness and mutual respect with each other, and learn self development.
We look after children in small groups. We will offer them our excellent detailed programs.

★Camp Games
★Outdoor Cooking
★Night Programs

Date: 1st session

July 22th Fri - 24th Sun, 2022

        2nd session

July 29th Fri - 31st Sun, 2022

Place: Japowhouse Myoko
       585-170 Akakura myoko, Niigata

Applicants: Elementary school grades 1-6
*10 students limited. The minimum number of participants is 5.

Price: 58,000yen

(including Accommodation, Meals, Insurance, Rental, pictures, Program and Lesson materials)

Apply and Contact:

​*Following Covid-19 policy

5000yen off for apply
by May 31st
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