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[¥5,000 OFF] Niigata Welcome Campaign

Up to 7 nights for overseas tourist only.
Book an eligible accommodation plan and 5,000 yen off per person per night.

Enjoy a variety of accommodation plans at JAPOWHOUSE 2.0 at a more reasonable price.

Period : Dec 15, 2023 - Feb 28, 2024

Event Details

Campaign Period

Dec 15, 2023 - Dec 28, 2023

[Excluded from the Campaign]

Eligible Guests

Overseas tourist (excluding Japanese customers)
This campaign is also available to foreign customers living in Japan.

Campaign Details

¥5,000/night when the per person rate is ¥10,000 or more.

Eligibility Restrictions

Up to 7 nights per stay.
※There is no limit to the number of times you can stay.

Grow Your Vision


※This campaign plan is only available to Overseas tourist. (excluding Japanese customers).
※Discount applies to a maximum of 7 nights per reservation for consecutive nights.
※Please present your passport or residence card at check-in to verify your identity.
 If you do not bring any identification documents, you will not be eligible for the discount.
※The campaign discount will be applied to reservations made on Feb 28.
※The amount shown is after discount.
※Please note that the campaign may end without notice if the budget reaches the limit.

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